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Representative Tom Burch
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A Legacy of Leadership  for . . .
       . . . Kentucky’s Families, Women and Seniors


A powerful voice of leadership in the General Assembly, Representative Tom Burch has been a champion for Kentucky’s families, women, children and seniors.  As chairman of the House Health & Welfare Committee, Representative Burch has built a legacy of championing legislation to improve the health, safety and welfare of women, seniors and the most vulnerable in our society.  

As he is a father, grandfather and great-grandfather, families come first to Tom Burch. Given that he is considered among the most honest and fair legislators in the General Assembly, Kentucky’s women and families have Tom Burch to thank for standing up for their needs and rights to some of life’s most sensitive and difficult issues.  

Every Saturday in his home, Rep. Tom Burch welcomes constituents to have coffee with him and to discuss issues. If citizens cannot come to him, he will visit them at a scheduled appointment time. His commitment to listening to the concerns of the citizens in his district is unwavering.  During his time in the General Assembly, over 120 pieces of Burch-sponsored legislation have become law. His impact upon Kentucky is tremendous and we need to reelect Rep. Tom Burch in November!

Representing you is my number one priority.  

I thank you for the privilege to serve you in the General Assembly. 

  ~ Tom Burch



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